General Parts
Electrical Connectors
Male/ Female Terminal Set
This set includes 30 each of male/female terminals and plastic terminal sleeves/covers. The terminals are tin plated. It comes with a plastic case.
Dual Female Terminal Set
Set of 5 dual female terminals with plastic covers and 10 male terminals with plastic sleeves. Female: Rust-proof, Male: Tin-plated.
Flat Terminal Set
This set includes 5 each of male/female flat terminals and plastic terminal sleeves/covers.
H4 Bulb Coupler Set
This coupler set is convenient for changing headlight to H4 bulb, replacement, or other purposes.
Eyelet Terminal Sets
The set includes 5 eyelet terminals and plastic terminal sleeves. Available for three hole sizes. Terminals are rust-proof treated.
Water- Resistant Coupler Sets
2-pin through 6-pin water resistant assembling coupler sets. Rubber seals prevent water coming into the coupler. Tin plated terminals.

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Accessory Power Outlet
This cigarette lighter type power outlet has a spring cap cover and is supplied with four screws for fixing. For use with 12V/5A. It is not water resistant while outlet is in use.
Plastic Coupler Sets
2-pin through 9-pin plastic coupler sets.
Skinny type terminals are tin plated. Each
comes with a coupler set and the terminals.